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Hope you guys had the best Thanksgiving with your family and friends! This was the first year that we were actually ALONE; yep, just me, my amazing husband Greg, and our two little boys. At first I was super sad that my parents didn't drive up from L.A., but honestly, not having to entertain made it low key and low stress. It ended up being perfect, with the exception of a few toddler meltdowns mixed in along the way, but what fun would it be without some drama mixed in too?

As a busy mom of two & full time KALEJUNKIE, I didn't feel like cooking an elaborate meal this year. I cook every single day for my fam & Instagram, that when the holidays roll around, I'm like no thank you, someone please cook for me! :) Also, Greg is so darn picky about food, and doesn't like the traditional Thanksgiving dinner (strange, I know. I mean who doesn't love a perfectly crisp and juicy turkey straight out of the oven?!) So what's a girl to do? 

That's where Whole Foods Market came in CLUTCH this year. I ordered an organic Diestel turkey for myself and my toddler, and the new VEDGE meal for all of us. Whole Foods Market partnered with the cult-favorite vegan chefs behind the Vedge restaurant based in Philadelphia, and what they came up with, was the yummiest and most well-rounded vegan meal ever. 

Here's what we got:

one giant mustard glazed cauliflower

lentil mushroom stuffing

“cheesy” rutabaga and potato mash

sauerkraut roasted rainbow carrots

chocolate toffee mini cake

I will definitely order this for Thanksgiving next year!

And even better, this yummy meal is available throughout the 2017 holiday season -- for holidays parties, Christmas, and Hannukah -- so click here to order online and set yourself up for a successful holiday meal. The vegans and non-vegans in your life will thank you!