Over the last few years, I’ve started living a more natural lifestyle. I’ve overhauled my kitchen of all food items containing questionable ingredients; I’ve switched to all-natural household cleaning products, and a non-toxic skin care routine. I want my boys to live a more natural, less chemical filled life, because health is wealth.

I’ve started to do research on natural remedies for treating ailments such as a cold or the flu. Don’t get me wrong, I am still very much a supporter of Western Medicine – but I believe that it has a time and a place. If I don’t absolutely need it, then I prefer to use more natural approaches.

Kids get sick. And they get sick a lot. They are exposed to other children, play in the dirt outdoors, and they forget to wash their hands. Kids are dirty! Which is all fine, because we want kids to be kids, but like I said, they get sick. But rather than pump them up full of Tylenol, and other questionable medicines, try giving them elderberry. Elderberry is an all natural immune booster that deserves to sit in the front row in your medicine cabinet.

What is elderberry?
Elderberry is a berry that comes from the native North American and European elderberry shrub. It is full of powerful nutrition and has incredible health benefits. In fact, elderberry contains trace minerals and has more Vitamin C than oranges. It has been known to help to protect and alleviate the symptoms of congestion, cough, and other flu-like conditions.

Elderberries and the flu.
“Elderberries have been shown to help with brain development, immune coordination, digestion, and blood flow. They’re also rich with Anthocyanins. These cytokines have been shown to boost the production of immune cytokines, which allow the body to defend against disease and illness. More than that, though, elderberry contains a potent antiviral agent called antivirin. The antivirin not only helps to prevent viruses from invading the cells, but also prevents the virus from replicating, therefore shortening the time one will suffer from symptoms of the flu.”

Source: Mother 


How to use elderberry.
There are many ways to incorporate elderberry into your child’s diet. For example, Gaia makes an organic elderberry syrup that can be used for both adults and children. It also tastes pretty darn good, so no need to worry about your kid spitting it out (unless he or she is SUPER picky). Another easy way to incorporate elderberry is with Flora Health elderberry crystals. They make them for both children and adults. I mix the crystals in water, add them to smoothies, or even make an elderberry syrup and drizzle it on pancakes. 

Be sure to talk to your pediatrician about whether or not elderberry is appropriate for your child.