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There is nothing quite like a refrigerator that is locked, loaded, and ready for the week. My Sunday routine almost always includes a quick fridge clean out, which means taking everything out, placing it on the counter, wiping down the inside, and moving items close to their expiration dates to the front so that we eat them asap. Then I make a list of what items I need to get from the grocery store or farmers market, pile the boys in the car, and get that shopping done. Staying organized in this way helps so that I don't buy more than we need, reducing our overall waste.

I don't have any special way of organizing my fridge. I just put things where they make the most sense to me; so don’t get too bogged down in where you think things should go. My only real tip is to put the most perishable stuff towards the front of the refrigerator, so that you consume those first. Don’t hide your fruits and veggies, or you might forget about them! 

So many of you have reached out to me following my fridge posts on Instagram, asking for a grocery list. I’m not one that plans out my meals for the week, so grocery shopping is relatively easy. I just load up on as many fruits and veggies as we can go through in a week and purchase some animal proteins and packaged items sparingly. There are times I go back to the grocery store during the week to pick up something I might need for a spur of the moment recipe, but I try my best to get the majority of grocery shopping done on Sunday. 

Before we get into my list, the best advice I can give when it comes to keeping a healthy fridge, is to throw away everything that isn't healthy. Get rid of any candy bars (bye bye Reese’s and Snickers), salad dressings that contained fake ingredients (i.e., canola oil, sugars, and other impossible-to-pronounce ingredients). Give your fridge a nice spray down with a non-toxic multi-purpose spray, then refill it with healthy snacks that you can grab and go in a pinch, and lots of chopped up fruits and veggies. 

Here are some of my favorite refrigerator staples



Note, I buy all produce organic, with the exception of bananas. That doesn’t mean that you need to, but you should purchase organic for the Dirty Dozen list on the EWG website, because those are the items that are the most heavily sprayed with pesticides. For instance, strawberries. Never buy conventional strawberries. If I can’t purchase organic, I won’t purchase them at all. I don’t want to consume chemicals, and neither should you!



Baby broccoli


Rainbow chard


Spinach (I love the Organic Girl packaged spinach)

Romaine (I love the Organic Girl packaged romaine hearts)

Sweet potatoes


Red cabbage


Garlic cloves

Fuji apples

Pink lady apples


Strawberries (fresh and frozen for smoothies!)






Milks / Yogurts

In our house, we keep dairy to a minimum. The boys do drink cow milk, though we are particular about sourcing

Almond Milk (New Barn is great)

Elmhurst1925 nut milks, I order these online because I can’t find them in grocery stores near me.

The Coconut Cult – love the Coconut Probiotic Yogurt! Pricey but worth it

Living Cultures Superfoods Coconut Probiotic Yogurt – these are local to me in the Bay Area, but I am obsessed with the creaminess and taste. Plus they are a wonderful duo, with a strong educational background and passion for their product. Pricey, but again, SO worth it!

Kite Hill Foods – non-dairy chive cream cheese and ricotta cheese

Organic, grass-fed string cheese for the boys



Belcampo Meat Co – we buy most of our meats from Belcampo, due to their commitment to sourcing, quality, etc. They also have an online store, so check that out to get meats delivered fresh to you.

True Story Foods lunch meats (chicken, turkey, salami, sausages) – they are all organic, contain no nitrates, and simple ingredients. 

Welshire kids hot dogs – clean ingredients, perfect for picky toddlers

Eggs – my go-to is the Vital Farms brand, but really what you are looking for when it comes to eggs is that they are both cage-free AND pasture-raised.



Brekki Overnight Oats – we are OBSESSED. Sure, making your own overnight oats is really easy, but I like having them already made, pre-portioned, etc. I usually throw some fresh berries on top, and boom, you have the perfect anytime meal or snack. Code kalejunkie gets you 10% off + free shipping on your orders.

Kombucha – love Healthade (all flavors), GTS in Mojito Mint and Superberry

Perfect Bars – the whole family loves these, we usually eat ½ at a time!

Honey Mamas Chocolate

Nelly’s Organic Candy Bars – the double chocolate one is my fav! Also the Nutty Nougat is second runner up. I order these online and store in the fridge

Once Upon a Farm baby food pouches – these are cold-pressed, organic and better than any of those stale-looking pouches that you find at the grocery store/Target. Steer clear of those.

Sir Kensington’s organic ketchup

Bonafide Provisions Drinkable Veggies and Bone Broth – cannot live without these!

Alvarado Street Bakery sprouted breads – they make great sprouted bagels and hamburger buns, too!

Fresh sourdough bread from the farmers market

Hummus – hands down, my favorite brand is Majestic Garlic, but I can’t find it near me so I have to order online. 

Georgia Grinders nut butters – the best of the best. You don’t have to store them in the refrigerator, but refrigerating keeps them fresher longer. Code Kalejunkie20 gets you a 20% discount on their website. Your life will be changed.

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