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There are a couple of things you need to know about me when it comes to motherhood - it doesn't come easy (I.e., I wasn't born with that maternal instinct), and there's a high likelihood I'm unprepared for any given situation. Yes, I am the mom who takes their kid out for a meal and then forgets the wet wipes at home, or the mom who takes her kid on a road trip and forgets to bring toys or any other form of entertainment to keep them occupied.

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Thankfully, I always remember to bring snacks. Snacks are the secret to my sanity. Not only do they keep the kids occupied munching away, it makes me happy knowing they are fueled and nourished with wholesome foods. But these days, it's so easy to reach for a number of prepackaged convenience foods, and it's hard to know what you can trust. So when going for the prepackaged choices, read the labels, and just do the best you can. No judgment if you are out and can't find something "clean," and there aren't any other options. There is no room for shaming of any kind in my book. But sometimes we can plan and we do have options, so just strive to do your best!

So today I'm sharing with you some of our favorite snacks, that hopefully make the return to school a little easier! Hope you enjoy, and please leave me a comment below sharing some of your own favorite snacks!


Apple Cookies

Kids like cookies, there's no doubt about it, and they like things that are visually appealing. So something easy and fun to make in under 5 minutes, are "apple cookies." All you have to do is core an apple, cut them into 1/2 slices, slather on some nut butter (or sunflower seed butter if nut-free), and add any toppings, like granola, coconut shreds, and even some Enjoy Life Foods mini chocolate chips. The world is your oyster. Pack them up, and you are on your way.

Ants on a Log

Know what else kids like? They like building their own snacks, especially when you tell them that they get to play with bugs. Grab some organic celery (yes, strive for organic celery), wash and clean it well and trim the edges off. Slather on some nut butter (or sunflower seed butter if nut-free), and add any toppings. I highly suggest raisins, as they are the ants, but if your kid is anti-raisin or anti-ant, then try goji berries for a superfood punch! Pack these in a little container and send them off to school.

Enjoy Life Foods Cookies

It's no secret that our family loves Enjoy Life Foods. In fact, in most of my recipes here on the blog, you will see that I do a ton of baking with their dairy free chocolate chunks, chips, and mini chips. They are simply the best dairy free brand that I've found. It wasn't until a few months ago that we discovered their line of cookies. They make so many varieties, but my kids are obsessed with the Soft Baked Chocolate Chip cookies and the Soft Baked Double Chocolate Brownie cookies. Another favorite are the Vanilla Honey Graham minis. We buy them by the boxful, and they also come in fun, individual size packages that I have in my purse at all times. Remember, mamas, when looking for convenience foods, read the nutrition label. There are many kid snacks out there nowadays, so you have options. We also love that they are all non-GMO verified, allergy friendly, gluten free, and made with all natural ingredients. Just look at my little Hunter with his favorite snacks.


Beef/Turkey Sticks

Looking for a portable snack with lots of protein. Go for a beef / turkey stick, but again, read the label. Always go for ones without any nitrates or additives, and no refined sugars. Some are sweetened with honey, and those are totally fine. If you have little kids, make sure you grab some that are soft for them to chew on. You may even want to break them down into bite size pieces.


Pre-Cut Baby Carrots

I always like to tote around carrots! They are a great source of beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin K, potassium and antioxidants, and Gavyn, my toddler, likes the crunch. For the times I don't feel like peeling and chopping the carrots myself, I grab the prepackaged ones. Gotta do what you gotta do, mamas! 

Cold Pressed Organic Fruit / Veggie Pouches

I like to make a point of chopping fresh apples, carrot sticks, and bell peppers, and bringing them along for picnics or days out. But sometimes I don't have any, and sometimes I just don't feel like chopping up a single things. Those are the days when I go for a cold pressed, organic fruit / veggie pouch. I do recommend that you avoid, if possible, the shelf stable pouches that you see, as they are not fresh and they often contain preservatives. 

Leave a comment below and share some of your other favorite snacks for the transition back to school!