kalejunkie: recovery real talk by kalejunkie

kalejunkie recovery real talk

Starting off the new month, (hi, June!) talking about RECOVERY and what recovering from an ED actually looks like for me. It doesn’t mean that every day I wake up and feel 100% confident in my body. It also doesn’t mean that thoughts of eating too much don’t creep up anymore — because they do. Recovery is a PROCESS.

It’s not some static thing that just happens one day. It’s a new JOURNEY that you choose to take. But just like the damaging behaviors associated with an eating disorder are learned over time, so are the healing behaviors associated with recovery—it takes TIME and lots of effort for things like self love and body confidence to become a part of the new you. And sometimes setbacks happen; that doesn’t mean you failed. It just means you had a SETBACK. So, when I start to feel insecure about my body, I don’t dismiss the feelings. I sit with them, but I don’t let them consume me, and I move forward. When I start to obsess about food, I sit with that too, and instead of regressing to behaviors like purging and binge eating, I practice mindfulness and gratitude for what I have. When I start down the train of “I worked out every day this week and my jeans still don’t fit”, I shift my mindset to the feeling of accomplishment from pushing and challenging my body and the fact that this body birthed two babies. Sure, looking physically fit is, and will always be, one of my goals, but it’s secondary to the feeling of being physically and mentally strong. The only thing I purge these days are people with negative energy and those that hold me back from achieving my goals. And the only rule I live by is treating people with kindness. But when it comes to food, THERE ARE NO RULES.