on the go: 3 tips by kalejunkie


Being ON THE GO, working full time, being a mom of two small boys, all while trying to be PRESENT. It’s not easy. Several of you have asked how I manage to “do it all,” and the answer is that it’s not easy—in fact it’s hard AF. but there are THREE big things that help me.

1 For the most part, I do NOT to multi-task. NOT multi-tasking helps me to be 10000% engaged in the SINGLE task at hand. so when i’m working, I am engaged and I can perform my best. When it’s family time, my phone is OFF, and my brain and my heart is tuned into them.

2 Time blocking. For some people, this is really helpful, for others it’s not. Always, do YOU. Every Sunday while the boys are napping, I plan and time block my days for the upcoming week, so that I fully maximize my working hours and don’t let work drip into family time. And if I can’t get to something, it will be there the next day.

3 I carve out time to do something small for myself every single day.
Most of the time, that’s in some type of exercise in the am, so that I can handle what ever the day brings without blowing my lid, but that happens too from time to time, i’m human. Don’t be afraid to take on new roles and responsibilities because you are afraid you can’t do them all. While we can’t do EVERYTHING and we have to sacrifice things when they don’t fit (ie to avoid burnout), we adjust to a LOT of things and can wear multiple hats well!

Share your tips for successfully juggling everything you do, i want to know!

XO #kalejunkie