the kalejunkie dish: hair extensions


Hair extensions—let’s talk about them because I have them, I love them, and you guys ask me questions all the time, so I thought I’d openly share about my experience.

What you need to know is that you don’t NEED them. It’s a luxury and an investment of both time and money, AND YOUR SELF WORTH OR VALUE AS A PERSON WILL NOT IMPROVE IN ANY WAY IF YOU GET THEM—nothing cosmetic that you do can ever replace the need to do the internal self work towards loving yourself.

If you’ve been thinking about getting them, here’s what you need to know:

and if you have more questions, just ask!


Do your research; they are not the same. There are multiple methods (tape in, sew in, keratin bonds, etc), one method might be better suited for you than another. ⠀

Don’t go to just anyone. go for a consultation, and make sure they have tons of experience. Cut corners here and you could badly damage your hair!⠀

There will always be damage, but it should be super minimal if they are put in correctly and you care for them properly.⠀

You treat them just like your own hair, but with a little more TLC. I wash my hair once a week, do my best to air dry, and ALWAYS use a heat protector spray before using heat products. ⠀

When shampooing, be gentle! Don’t go crazy scrubbing your scalp; and when conditioning, condition ends only. Be gentle when brushing, and always start from the bottom and work up, and use a special brush with soft bristles.⠀

If you can afford it, use 100% human hair; it lasts longer and looks more natural than artificial hair.⠀

Speaking of touch, it IS a little odd if you are making out with someone and they touch your head. Because YEAH, they can feel them. Either come clean and tell the person so they aren’t weirded out, or just pretend that your scalp is bumpy naturally. Your choice! ⠀

Eat a real food diet full of nutrients to keep your own hair strong and growing. I supplement with @nutrafol (NOT sponsored) and have been using it for the last 6 months and it’s amazing!⠀

Method: 100% Remy human hair with keratin bond extensions by @becca_nangle at @millerandmanesalon