the kalejunkie dish: prioritize yourself


Maybe you’ll agree, maybe you won’t. But I believe that your greatest priority is not to the other people in your life, whether that’s a significant other, a friend, or even your kids. It’s to YOU, always and forever—YOU come before everything. It sounds selfish, and even as I write this, i think damn, Nicole, you really do prioritize yourself before everyone else. I do, and I’m ok with that. Because what I’ve learned is that it’s literally impossible to give anyone the best version of you when you are drinking (or pouring?) from an empty cup.

And THAT is why this whole concept of ‘self care’ is so damn important. And I think one of the reasons we neglect it is because it sounds so self indulgent when we do things that sound like little luxuries, whether that’s carving out a few minutes of alone time for ourselves each day, reading a book, eating some chocolate, getting a manicure, or getting your workout in.

You simply cannot serve your loved ones when you have run out of gas. For me, my daily workouts are the KEY to maintaining my sanity. And oftentimes, you’ll see me prioritizing my sweat session even before spending time with my family; I’ll even sacrifice buying something so I can instead hire a babysitter for a few hours so I can get a little time to myself. It doesn’t make me a bad mom who doesn’t care about my kids, and it doesn’t mean I put them on a back burner. It means I’m strengthening my body and my MIND so I can be my best for those I love. and if others judge it, they aren’t my people anyway (there will always be the haters).

The point is, don’t ever feel guilty for making yourself a priority. You don’t owe anyone anything; you only owe it to yourself to do the things that make you feel like YOU so you can be the best for everyone around you.