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the kalejunkie dish: sunday traditions

The weekends at home are super special to me. And that’s because the weekdays are packed with a never ending work load, and both boys have childcare - meaning, I miss out on a lot of time with them.

Gavyn goes to preschool and Hunter goes to daycare. And while they are gone, I hustle to get my work done, whether that’s developing recipes, coaching clients, or creating content. On the weekends, I do my best to turn it off. When it comes to social media, I typically plan my content in advance and schedule it using Later. Or if I am posting something in the moment, I don’t spend too much time editing photos; I just upload and go. I also engage a lot less with my community. In the new year, I’m going to go a step further and commit to taking one full weekday off per week all, where there will be no emails, no Instagram, no work at all. Because all work and no play makes this mama cranky, and I am craving a little more balance.

the kalejunkie family.jpg

Anyway, I wanted to show you a typical Sunday in our home. It’s CHAOS, with both boys waking up super early - always before 6am. I know, crazy right? So one of the traditions I started was “Pancake Sundays,” and it’s something the boys get excited about and look forward to each week. Every week it’s a little bit different to keep it interesting. Some Sundays we make chocolate chip pancakes, some Sundays we make pumpkin pancakes, you get the point. We change it up.

I also like to get creative with toppings. I always include fresh fruits, nut butters, chia, seeds, and of course, maple syrup. When it comes to maple syrup, lately I have been loving the Maple Guild brand. They make so many fun flavors, from salted caramel, to spiced pumpkin, to bourbon barrel aged maple syrup, and so much more. If you don't have this maple syrup, you can order it on their website and save 25% off your order by using code kalejunkie25 at checkout. It’s a great deal, so be sure to check it out. Otherwise, be sure to use a quality maple syrup, because it matters!

Here we are, everyone! Be sure to share your Sunday routine or traditions in the comments below!