the kalejunkie dish: unplug for your wellbeing


UNPLUG: How many of us actually do it? And why is it so important for our health? I’m talking about taking regular breaks to do absolutely NOTHING. It could be taking a vacation and not being glued to work the entire time, but even simpler, how about eating a meal without being on your phone or computer? ANYTHING where there is no other motive involved, and the only thing you are expected to do is relax.

It’s important for both our mental and physical health. We can eat all the nourishing foods, get a solid 6 to 8 hours of sleep, and exercise daily; but if we aren’t making time to disconnect from all that we do, we aren’t giving our bodies what they need to flourish, and to heal from illnesses and imbalances that may exist in our bodies. Interesting, huh?

I’m sharing this with you because I was reminded of it this weekend on the @ancientnutrition retreat. I learned a ton from @drjoshaxe about gut health, hormone balancing, and Chinese medicine, but the number one theme that kept coming up was the need to unplug so that all the other things we do to take care of our health can actually work optimally.

I’m also sharing this with you to tell you that i’m notoriously bad at doing it. I joke with friends by saying “I don’t know how to unplug.” truth is, I do, but I don’t prioritize it. I oftentimes operate in the mindset of doing more > better, and the rare times when I do disconnect, I struggle. I struggle because I feel disconnected from those around me. And I feel unproductive because my “to do” list is always a mile long. I provide tips for living a healthy lifestyle, but I’m not modeling it all the time. No one is perfect.

Going into a new week, I’m going to include more NOTHING in my life, and I encourage you to join me—because the paradox of doing less is that it actually creates more space:
To appreciate what we have.
To be more aware of our surroundings.
To be at peace with OURSELVES.
To sit with our feelings.
And to heal our bodies.