the kalejunkie dish: be unapologetically you


Lately I’ve felt the need to justify my actions a lot. Wait, there’s plastic in your shopping cart. Your smoothie is in a plastic cup. You eat meat. Raw dairy isn’t meant for human consumption. You have fake boobs, so you are so fake too. Shit, because I color my hair, love my Botox, and have my ears pierced, does that make me a bad person too? I’m tired of it.

I’m mindful of my plastic consumption and I do my best to reduce where possible. I bring a reusable cup with me most times, but occasionally I forget. I’m human—or just a scatterbrained mom. Isn’t it really about being more aware and doing our best to make small changes that add up over time?

I eat meat and drink bone broth because it makes my body feel good, and an exclusively plant based diet doesn’t work for me. I know, because I tried. I care deeply for sourcing and eat meat from animals that are compassionately raised, andIi support my local ranchers. Bone broth healed my gut following my Eating Disorder, so I’m not stopping either of these things anytime soon.

I have fake boobs but I’m not a fake PERSON. In fact, an old boyfriend bought them for me when I was 21, and I’m sure I’ll get backlash for that too (it was a very different time in my life). I don’t regret it one bit. At the end of the day, I’m the only one that has to live with my decisions. Oh wait, did I mention Botox? if I want to do something that makes ME feel good (but doesn’t define my worth), it’s not anyones prerogative but my own.

Own who you are. Unapologetically BE YOU. You can take it or leave it, but this is me.